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The Room Builder is a new and innovative online tool that allows interior designers, architects, engineers, and building owners across North America to design their residential and commercial rooms, visually. View a wide variety of products in a room template most suitable to a specific building application, and create complete, customized, and accurate specifications, in real time.

All products specified within the Room Builder are building code compliant, which reduces the risk of selecting a product that is incompatible with a specific building application. Budget pricing, written specifications, drawings, and BIM families are also available for download.

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{"layout":"","building_type":"Choose building class and type","fixture_type":"Select a fixture, fitting, \r\nor accessory","fixture":"SELECT A NEW FIXTURE, FITTING, OR ACCESSSORY","save":"Save your room","saved":"Download schedules, cut sheets, written specifications, and much more!","setting":"Tour guide can be enabled on the Preferences"}
{"layout":"Start With Selecting a Room Type","building_type":"This information is used to influence what products are recommended. Code compliant products will be shown in the product gallery.","fixture_type":"To change a fixture, fitting, or accessory, click the white selector or\r\n

\r\nto change the wall colors and\/or partitions, click the color selector.","fixture":"Select from code compliant and compatible products in the product gallery. Note that the folded corner shows the product that is currently selected.","save":"Save this room in a project. If you have not logged in, you will be asked to log in or register.","saved":"If you are a new user, you can save these files but cannot print and download until your account is validated.","setting":"To enable \/ disable the \"Tour Guide\" update your preferences here."}
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